Los Angeles, California February 12 1887

How little I dreamed one year ago that I should this winter be in this far distant land. Walter had one of his travelling fevers and last autumn, in October, started for California. Somehow everything looked delightful to him and he found a great boom in real estate as land had increased hundreds of dollars per acre since he was here last, His letters grew more and more enthusiastic till finally he wrote he had made up his mind to move his family to this better country and I might begin to look upon myself as a Californian. So he came home to keep Christmas with us and then take us to the Golden State.

That Christmas was one to be remembered.

December 28th 1886

The dear brothers and sisters all came. May and her little ones Mollie  and Fannie were with us Friday.  Will, Oliver, John, and George came Friday evening. And we had our tree Friday evening. It was a grand success. Everyone was made happy with gifts and the tree looked beautiful. Our house was so full of loving congenial hearts. Abby was visiting us and she was in George’s room, miserable, and could not join us at all. That memory is all sad. Christmas we had our nice family breakfast and dinner and in the afternoon they all left us and there were many sad feelings under the Christmas joy for we all knew it might be the last time we should ever be together.


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