Leaving Home

The weeks that followed were full of occupations. The contents of our large house to be gone over and packed or disposed of. Walter concluded to charter a car and take our furniture and he packed all that. George was a great help and he packed most of the books. We invited Millie Marsden to go with us and she, to my great happiness, concluded to accept. We left our beloved home where I have spent such happy, happy years. Where four darlings were born to treasure and one to pass from us too soon. The house from which my beloved parents had been carried to their last resting place. where we had so often had gatherings of the dearest most congenial friends one was ever blessed with. Oh will any other place ever become so dear?

January 29th 1887 We bade goodbye to our dear friends and our brokenhearted darling Auntie and went to Chicago on the noon train. There Will, May, and Oliver with the dear children met me, and at last we were all stored in our sleeping car and started on our long journey.

The next day Millie, Edith, and I were all carsick and Channing’s cold was worse. Walter had his hands full caring for us and preparing lunches. When we reached Kansas City George met us and we had a pleasant little visit with him. Changed cars. The rest of our journey was one long dreary intense anxiety.

Transcriber’s Note

Whenever Maria uses the word “car” she is referring to a rail car or a trolley car.


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