The Little House that Walter Bought

Four rooms and a little shed kitchen and two porches. The rooms are pretty and cheerful. We bought some pretty curtains and carpets, and a cooking stove in our dining room makes everything warm. We are in great haste to be settled as the children were exposed to the measles in the Hiland Villa and Edith begins to show indications of having taken them. She suffered more than any of the others, save Channing, on the journey. Was miserable all of the time. May is a capital traveler.

March 5th 1887

I can almost draw a long breath. Our measles have come and almost gone. Our little family are all out in the warm, bright sunshine. But such a pale little flock. Edie was sick first, and dreadfully sick too. How I did miss our good skillful Doctor and our loving Auntie. Poor little sufferer. The eruptions came out all inside her throat, the lining of her stomach, and all was raw. We had a cold stove for a Doctor but I guess he was skillful. May and Lebaron were sick, neither seriously. May appeared to have it very lightly, but she is not getting up well at all. Then Channing was very sick. We were more anxious than words can tell over him but he is better. Oh it has been a dreadful time. Our little home is pretty, very pretty, but we don’t want to stay here. The water is miserable and we feel that the children need the most favorable surroundings in their convalescence. One Doctor told Walter we would have to take the greatest care of Edith all summer. We have a rose bush in the garden full of blossoms, and callas and geraniums are in blossom and I trim Will’s little flower table charmingly.


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