April 1st 1887

Cottage near Park Hotel, Cucamunga.

Well here we all are. We came two days ago and stayed at the hotel till our furniture came. Our sweet darling little May seems to feel better already. Since I wrote last we have suffered the greatest anxiety on her account. She has been wretchedly and looked as frail and delicate as a child in the last stages of consumption. We changed Doctors and had Dr. Logan, a very pleasant man. He thought, with us, a change to this place would be the best thing; But she has been too feeble to move. Los Angeles is picturesque, and is a city, but it is no place for invalids. We had to boil all the water we drank, and they have very heavy fogs there. All the month of March the weather was fine. Not one rainy day. February was rather different and when it rains in Los Angeles the mud is dreadful. I never saw anything like it excepting in some of the back streets of Chicago where there are no pavements. Right in the heart of the city and these foul streets. Horses are so covered with mud you cannot tell their color. Where we lived on Grand Avenue there was no mud after the rain the earth would be packed hard. Our stay in Los Angeles has been one continuous time of anxiety, so I leave without regret – we could not go (about) and have seen nothing; If we can have a surrey here, and drive about, the variety will be very pleasant.

I am suffering everything now with a newly vaccinated arm. I can do nothing with that arm. Walter or Millie have to dress and dine me. Millie does up my hair etc. Millie has to take all the care of Channing. We weaned him before coming here, The little hotel here is pleasant, everything clean and a good enough table, excellent meat which we have never seen in Los Angeles. The landlord and his wife are very kind and pleasant. We have two rooms and an attic in the cottage. A bed and Channing’s crib in the smaller room, two cob beds in the attic, and a large bed in our parlorsittingroombedroomnureryroom also a washstand dressing case and table, we brought George’s set for this room. We have a great tree in front of our cottage which faces east, with one just south and one north. It is quiet and countryfied a splendid place for children. No words can describe what I have suffered over May. That child is so inexpressibly dear to me that the thought of losing her made me utterly wretched. I can’t think of a future without her.


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