Walter and Maria Take a Trip to Arch Beach

July 1887

The 14th of this month Walter and I left our little family for a few days – Percy stayed with them nights – We went to Los Angeles, passing through the new towns that are on the route of the new RR, The Santa Fe. Mandeville, Magnolia, Lordsburg and many others. Through Pasadena, which looks very beautiful as we pass through it. It was a long tedious ride and was late when we reached Los Angeles but Walter decided to go direct to Santa Ana that night. So we put up at the Taylor House, a wretched hotel. After supper we went to Mr. Halliday’s where we spent a very pleasant evening.

They have a very nice home. A large house, I think much larger than they would want. Everything is comfortable and nice. They have a very beautiful grounds and quite a ranch connected with the house. Some 200 acres. All kinds of fruit, a large vinyard, 10 acres of eucalyptus trees which furnish good wood now for burning. We arranged to go the next day to Arch Beach where Mr. Halliday and Walter own lots. Therefor early the next AM we started on our long ride, going first to Lagona, 18 miles distant. We rode for miles through one ranch that is 27 miles on one side. We drove through a canyon where the scenery was very beautiful. It was a pretty place at Lagona. A fine beach. We, however, rode two miles further to Arch Beach over the most fearful road. I should not want to ride there often. When we reached Arch Beach, where there is nothing but a hotel, we found very grand rocky scenery and passed a few delightful hours climbing over rocks and walking along the beach, but though so picturesque and grand, it is no place for children. I guess Walter forgot he was a father when he thought of building there. It was a hard and difficult climb to the beach from the rocky bluff where the hotel is built. I was afraid Mrs. Halliday would be tired out.

We had a very hot dusty ride home and rode to Walter’s little ranch before going to Mr. Halliday’s, where we were invited. It is a pretty place but Santa Ana has not the natural advantages of Hermosa. I would not care to live there. We spent that night at Mrs. Halliday’s. I like Mr. Halliday very much indeed.

The next PM we returned to Los Angeles and, to my exceeding regret, stayed all night as Walter wanted to have me look at mantles and windows. When we reached home we found a weeping family. They had reached the limit of endurance. Edie was not feeling well and crying for “Mama” and when I came in and threw myself on the bed with her, LeBaron and baby both cried to come to me and we had a comically tearful time.

Transcriber’s notes

I am going to start adding notes to clarify certain things.

I am transcribing this as accurately as I can. I have changed very little of the spelling and punctuation.

I don’t know who Percy is. Perhaps one one Mrs. Wilding’s sons.

The Santa Fe RR was completed in April 1887

Laguna was spelled Lagona until they officially changed the spelling in 1888.


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