LeBaron is a very thoughtful child. I feel encouraged over him after one of these talks for as he grows older he must learn to control himself more, The other night after putting him to bed I stayed to talk to him as I always do if he has not used naughty language towards me during the day. I sang, at his request “Mrs. Lofty”. The last verse ends “For I have love and she has gold. She counts her wealth mine can’t be told”. LeBaron spoke – “Love. Yes Mama love is everything. All the gold in the world couldn’t make anyone happy without love.” He was silent a moment and then he spoke out with great earnestness. “Love! Love! Love! Everything comes from love. Everything is done for love. This little cottage was built for love. Someone loved someone else and so they built this cottage all nice for them to live in. And then Mama the stars and trees but are they for love? Ought I to say that?” I assured him that God was love and all the wonderful and beautiful objects of nature were created because He loved. “Yes” said the little darling again, “I see. Love, love. Nothing is good for anything without love and love keeps on. You love me and I shall love my little children and they will love their children and so when we die-” a pause and change of tone, “I hope, Mama, that you will not die before I do.” I told him that I hoped to live till I was old enough to see him married and with his children and then I added “You can bear to have me go better.” He at once appreciated and continued that thought. “Yes I see. I shall die but my children will love their little children and so it will keep on. Love! Love! Love!” Each time the little fellow spoke the word love he uttered it slowly and with the greatest earnestness. This sounds rather old for a five year old boy but I wrote it down at once and the only trouble is I forgot much that he said.

At another time he came and stood before me, he always has to be entirely alone when he talks his deepest thoughts, and said “God is everything. No matter for anything else, only God. If all the men in the world wanted one thing or thought one thing and God was the other way God would be everything.” I hope he will always feel that.

He was talking about his temper, “I was thinking today Mama how temper is like a boy running down hill. He does not run so fast at first and could stop if he wanted to, but the further he runs, the faster he runs, and the harder it is to stop, and at last he can not stop at all and when he get to the bottom he is hung.”

Transcriber’s Notes

LeBaron was Maria’s maiden name.


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