Maria Describes Her New House at Hermosa

October 1st 1887

Here we all are in our new home in Hermosa. May we be happy here and may we make others happier. We all spent the night here September 7th but we had to clean house and arrange things after we came. Everyday we wonder what we shall do without Millie. Always willing and helpful and cheerful. She so completely identifies herself with us that I do not know how we can ever give her up. At the same time I would not want her to stay a day if thereby she missed anything possible to her by returning. She evidently wants to stay, and I am thankful to have her.

Our house is very pretty. It is pretty outside, with it’s octagonal tower, three stories high, it’s piazza and pretty furnishing about the bay windows. The color is grey with darker trimmings lined with black. Inside the rooms are all very pleasant.The parlor is a good sized room with its southeast octagonal window, and one other in (the) front south. The corner grate looks much better than seemed possible when the chimney was underway. Large sliding doors between parlor and hall, and parlor and dining room. The paper decorations are beautiful. The hall is very pretty, the decorations odd and handsome. The stairway is very pretty we are to have parquet flooring. The little alcove where is our washstand etc is very convenient and will be pretty when the portieres are hung. The library is a very nice room. A bay window at the west. A half glass door opening onto the piazza. The decorations light and remarkably pretty and the room a good size. When furnished, and with the parquet border and rug, it will be a lovely room. The dining room is large, light, and very pretty. The decorations are especially rich and handsome. A bay window at the east with colored glass in the center window. A half glass door opening on a little balcony. A grate etc. An arched door leading into the hall. Our kitchen is small but good enough and the pantry large and convenient. A large china closet opens into both dining room and pantry. We have a good sized cellar under kitchen, pantry etc. and a basement room under the rest of the house. As we go upstairs from the front hall we notice the two pretty colored windows one near the foot and the other at the top of the stairs. Beautiful red and white fancy glass forming a cross. The parlor’s octagonal window has colored glass but I do not fancy it. Upstairs the front room is our room and is very large, light, and pretty. Over the hall is a square alcove with arch from our room, for dressing room, and sewing room, to have portieres. A very symmetrical corner grate. The paper is pink and grey. Our room open into the girls room – VERY pleasant – Blue decorations – Bay window east – half glass door opening on a balcony. A lovely place where it is cool on the warmest afternoons and from which there are beautiful views. The grand mountains to the north with Mr. Alurind’s orange orchard at the base. East the lovely snow covered mountains of San Jacinto and San Bernardino, allway beautiful, often tinted with lovely color. And towards the south an extensive view of plain with occasional ranches. In the far distance some twenty miles the range of Temescal Mountains with the soft grey and blue tints, and near Mr. Petsch’s luxuriant home with its cultivated beauty. We all love to take our chairs and sewing out on this balcony and spend the afternoon. Then our guest chamber or Millie’s room, is very pretty. The papers are grey and the woodwork painted the same tints. A bay window towards the west which also takes in the lovely southern and grand northern scenery – Then a nice back chamber where for the present Millie and LeBaron sleep till the other room is furnished. The woodwork in our room, the hall, parlor, and library is redwood and is very beautiful. The dining room is to be grained, and the children’s room is painted blue. We have a small bath room opening from the children’s room and from the hall where is also a stationary washstand. We thoroughly enjoy this. Over the entire house is a large attic where the octagonal windows forms its third story. This is Walter’s special pride and is a grand playroom when not too hot or cold. There are two half glass doors opening onto  cute little outlooks over the bay windows. The views from these outlooks and from the tower windows are very fine


Transcribers notes

Portieres are curtains

The cellar is used for food storage

Mr. Alurind. Could not accurately read nor verify this name


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