Walter’s Injury

January 16th 1888

We are just over a terrible anxiety. Thursday January 5th Walter went out to the barn to work. He had returned the day before from a few days trip to Santa Ana, Los Angeles, etc. It had rained hard while he was gone and in the clear sunlight of Thursday morning the mountains stood forth in most wonderful beauty, clothed in snow from summit to base. Walter paused from his work and stepped out to have one more good look at the beautiful sight and in stepping back took his full weight upon a nail. He had on only rubber boots which afforded no protection and the nail penetrated deep into his foot. It entered near the bunch of nerves in the center of the foot and must have bruised one for he suffered the most excruciating pain. He fell, the board lifting, and the nail turning in his foot as he did so. As soon as possible he came to the house. We at once put the foot into hot water adding carbolic acid at the last and sent for the Doctor. He said he could do no more than we were doing. So we poulticed the foot and kept it hot then bandaged with salve still keeping well wrapped up and, to our great relief and joy, after two days the pain ceased, and after nine days enforced rest, he walks without any trouble or pain.


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