Town Rivalry

One serious drawback to the growth of Southern California is the narrow sectional jealousy that prevails. The people of one town never speak a good word of their neighboring towns. Ontarians always abuse Pamona, talking of winds, and frosts, and heat, and Pamona returns the compliment while they talk as if their own town was perfect in every respect. Anything more shortsighted could not be. If frosts injure Pamona, they are surely harmful in Ontario. And a violent windstorm in one town must affect to a degree it’s neighboring towns, especially if of the same distance from the foothills. The man who desires to buy property is confused by these contradictory reports. The reputation of all sections suffers and sales are prevented that could be to the mutual advantage of owner and purchaser. Ontario is especially afflicted with pride and injustice. The model colony is not at all exempt from the occasional disagreeables that afflict the Californian, but to hear them talk you would think Ontario perfection while all other places, no matter how near, have all sorts of serious drawbacks. The windstorm hurt Ontario more than any other place in our vicinity, but you would think, to hear them talk, that Pamona and Cucamunga were afflicted and they exempt. They injure the whole neighborhood.


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