Brother Will LeBaron’s Honeymoon

March 7th 1888

Let me take a long breath and commence…. January 26th my well beloved brother William LeBaron was married to Evelyn Sleight in Naperville and after the ceremony, which was as attractive as a lovely bride, noble husband, beautiful home, fragrant flowers, tasteful and costly gifts, loving and cheerful friends, and joy and happiness everywhere, could make it. They started for New Orleans, and then on to California. The last of their journey was trying and Evelyn was not well, but at last, after anxious expectancy, on Saturday February 4th, our beloved brother and sister reached Hermosa safe and happy.

Evelyn was miserable for several days so that she was obliged to keep very quiet, but she was up and dressed all the time. Walter bought a surrey a few days after their arrival so we had a comfortable carriage to ride in. Oh the cruel sandstorm! I could not shower our little bride with flowers. Roses red and pink and white, creamy buds and crimson bright. Nor could we take her to the orange groves and bid her gather the golden fruit to her hearts content. All our little plans were apart, but we had a very pleasant time nevertheless. Evelyn is of a cheerful disposition and enjoyed everything, and she and Will were very fond and happy. We had succeeded in getting an excellent girl before they came, and so I was at liberty to be with and enjoy them.

Transcriber’s note

Tomorrow the first part of Will and Evelyn’s California trip.


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